Rutherford backs Davis

Rutherford backs Davis

URBANA — Congressional candidate Rodney Davis has picked up the endorsement of another top Illinois Republican with state Treasurer Dan Rutherford pledging his support on Monday.

Davis, opposing Democrat David Gill in the 13th Congressional District race, earlier won the backing of former Gov. Jim Edgar. Davis has not been endorsed yet, however, by U.S. Rep. Tim Johnson, R-Urbana, whom he was named to replace on the general election ballot in November. Republican county chairmen in the 14-county district of central and southwestern Illinois selected Davis in May over a number of other GOP applicants.

Meanwhile, both Davis and Gill said they would oppose any new restrictions on guns, even after the Aurora, Colo., theater shooting last week.

"I don't think there's any need for Uncle Sam to be enacting any new laws at this time," said Gill, an emergency room physician from Bloomington. "I think it should be up to the people at the scene, to raise questions when he's purchasing things. They can raise questions and talk to their local authorities. But I don't know that there's any reason or need for Uncle Sam to get any more involved than he already is."

Davis said "we have enough laws on the books to deal with firearms and ammunition. I'm a strong supporter of the Second Amendment. We could pass a bill regulating every part of firearms that would be 2,700 pages like Obamacare and it still wouldn't have prevented that tragedy in Colorado. I think we need to enforce the laws we have."

Rutherford, elected state treasurer in 2010 after serving in the Legislature, said Davis would be "an effective, common-sense congressman for central Illinois."

"The deep reason I am doing this," he said, "is that I want to have another partner in the United States government that will help bring about what I think America needs today. And that is some fiscal sanity. We don't need further debt. We don't need further tax increases. We need to work on improving the business climate in the United States of America and in the state of Illinois."

In a brief news conference at the Birkey's Farm Store in Urbana, Davis also said he favors making all of the Bush-era tax cuts permanent and wants Congress to act on an updated farm bill.

"I think it's a failure of both parties to address a very important problem. It's indicative of the polarization of politics in Washington right now," Davis said of the legislative gridlock on the farm bill. "Let's get Washington's spending reprioritized to actually spend money on the things that government should spend money on like roads and bridges, and a strengthened crop insurance program so farmers have the tools they need to survive."

Davis, of Taylorville, said he would be willing, if elected in November, to push the Republican House leadership to work with Democrats on a new farm bill.

"I want (House Speaker) John Boehner and the House Republicans to get together with the Democrats and I want to see a comprehensive farm bill passed that includes the cornerstone of a strengthened crop insurance program," he said. "I'm not afraid to tell Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats when they are wrong and I'm also not afraid to stand up and tell John Boehner and the Republicans when they're wrong. This is one of those times that's important in American history to come together and actually accomplish something."

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rsp wrote on July 24, 2012 at 9:07 am

"It's indicative of the polarization of politics in Washington right now"? Is that why he keeps using Nancy Pelosi's name as a buzzword? She isn't speaker of the House. Just a rank and file member. And the constant reminders of how many pages that are in the health care bill isn't intended to divide? Has Davis ever read it, or had a child in desparate need of care and he couldn't get it? 

Perhaps all politicians should take a walk through the theatre in Aurora, Co and then see if they still feel the same way. 

Sid Saltfork wrote on July 24, 2012 at 12:07 pm

Rutherford is setting himself up to run for governor.  He is goose stepping the party line by backing Davis.  No politician wants to doing anything about gun control in an election year.  Neither party's candidates want to address it; other than to give brief ambiguous statements. The country is split on the issue so it will be disregarded.  All of them are intimidated by the NRA.  Within the next two weeks, something else will change the subject.  The economy, an international incident, or more gridlock in Congress will be the new subject in the media.  Expect Topinka, and Brady to back Davis next.  Rutherford will issue more news conferences on how you can find distant, deceased relatives unclaimed cash.  All of them will be at the State Fair giving speeches in front of the butter cow complaining that the state is broke; and urging pension reform while wearing Real Tree pattern shirts.