Crystal Lake Pool bids above estimates

Crystal Lake Pool bids above estimates

URBANA — Members of the Urbana park board will have a special meeting Aug. 7 to award construction contracts for the new Crystal Lake aquatic center still scheduled to open next spring.

But because bids came about 5 percent higher than had been estimated, not all of the 10 alternate projects proposed for the pool will be undertaken, park district executive director Vicki Mayes said Monday.

"We're going to have to pick which projects we can do," she said. "It looks like we'll be able to do about half of them."

Park officials had hoped to have about $742,600 available for the alternate projects but now have only about $410,200, Mayes said.

Construction engineers had estimated that bids for the base work on the aquatic center would be about $6.2 million. But the low base bid was almost $6.53 million.

"We were hoping for something less, but this is fairly close to our estimates," Mayes said.

Broeren Russo Construction of Champaign submitted the apparent low base bid — but by only $1,000 — when bids were opened Monday afternoon. Its bid of $6,528,000 was slightly less than the $6,529,000 submitted by Petry-Kuhne Co., also of Champaign.

Mid-States General Contracting of Decatur submitted a base bid of $6,565,000 and Grunloh Construction Inc. of Effingham had a bid of $7,217,000.

Park board members will have to decide next week which of the alternate projects they want to keep in the aquatic center project.

Mayes said two of the alternates definitely would be a part of the project — a streambed water feature and a flume slide. Those two alternates and a climbing wall were supposed to be covered by a $400,000 state grant. But that is proving problematic since in three of the four alternate bid packages submitted, the sum for the three projects was greater than $400,000.

Among other alternate projects that could have become part of the aquatic center are a parking lot resurfacing, an irrigation system on the aquatic center grounds and special features in a new bathhouse.

The aquatic center, which is projected to open next June 1 and would replace a pool that closed in 2008, is expected to attract 62,000 visitors annually. Its new design includes a lap pool, a plunge pool with features for older children, a sprayground, the streambed water feature and a large leisure pool with features for tots and elementary-school children.

The project was OK'd by Urbana voters in 2011 when they approved an 11-cents per $100 of assessed valuation property tax increase to pay for the aquatic center. It will be built on the site of the first two Crystal Lake pools, the first of which was erected in 1927.

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aantulov wrote on August 08, 2012 at 10:08 am

This elected board and its leadership no bounderies of shame when it comes to bilking the taxpayer.

Go look at the offices and garages for many private firms big equiptment on Kerr street off Broadway. Its twice the size of a Walmart, once was a park next to one of the niceest and biggest apartment complexes in Urbana, this is what the used the money for the first time they asked it "for the pool." Why was this first on the agenda? They are in existence to serve the public.

The second time they got an increase "for the pool" and got it was for the "master plan" a huge plan with many places to cut. The pool was a drop in the bucket of immense amount of concrete contracts to be awarded.

Now they are whining they have no where else to cut in that budget but the pool?  How does all the NEW staff hired keep a straight face?

Please anyone who has put in a pool please state for the public the cost involved. Do the math.  Has anyone one of the Hotels in Urbana been contracted for pool use for special events even? They seem to have forgotton they are there to serve the public not hand out million dollar contract and build offices.

Notice how quickly they approved the presented budget on the July 10th meeting? And how much they want to spend to lock up and install cameras in the Carle Park Pavillion?  The high schoolers across the street use it on a daily basis, for the work of a few vandels they would close rather than staff an obivous location that kids gravitate to.

Gosh, they really don't like kids. 

This Board is elected, when's the next election?