Boys & Girls Club warns of scam magazine sales

Boys & Girls Club warns of scam magazine sales

CHAMPAIGN — Someone is going door to door in Champaign, falsely claiming to be selling magazines to raise money for the Don Moyer Boys & Girls Club.

The club said today it does not do any door-to-door soliciting of any kind and urges anyone who is asked to buy magazines to contact police.

The club received a call Monday and another Tuesday from people who'd been asked to buy magazines on behalf of the club, said Tammy Ebert, the comptroller.

"It seems to be in the North First Street area," Ebert said. She had no description of the person or persons making the solicitations.

"The public is encouraged to turn down any door-to-door solicitations on behalf of the Boys & Girls Club, and report any such solicitation to the police," the club said in a release.

The club has reported the issue to police, Ebert said.