Iroquois sheriff confirms Cissna Park investigation

Iroquois sheriff confirms Cissna Park investigation

CISSNA PARK — The Iroquois County sheriff's office has been asked to investigate "some of the financial matters of the village" in the wake of the firing of Cissna Park's collector and bookkeeper, Sheriff Derek Hagen said Monday.

"The sheriff's office was contacted by some village leaders and asked to look into a few things concerning village financing," Hagen said.

"The sheriff's office right now is looking into some of the village of Cissna Park's financial transactions. ... As far as what's been determined from that investigation, we're still in the process of looking into it, so there hasn't been anything determined."

The Cissna Park Village Board voted during a Sept. 17 meeting to dismiss Rhonda Sue Siebert as village collector and bookkeeper, village board President Rick Baier confirmed Friday. During the same meeting, the board accepted Siebert's resignation as village clerk, Baier said.

But Baier declined to disclose the reason the action was taken.

"I really am not allowed to say," Baier said. "I have been advised by (legal) counsel not to say anything at this time."

The village's attorney, Jennifer Simutis of Watseka, also declined comment last week.

No criminal charges have been filed against Siebert, according to records kept online by the Iroquois County circuit clerk's office.

State's Attorney Jim Devine said last week that he was not permitted to talk about the situation.

Siebert had been Cissna Park's village clerk since January 1993. She was most recently elected to a four-year term in 2009 after running unopposed. Her vacated term expires in April 2013.

While serving as village clerk, Siebert also served as an appointed village collector/bookkeeper.

Baier said the village hopes to fill the two vacated jobs in October. Baier said the village will likely appoint one person to fill each role.