Homer, Sunrise Coal OK deal on payments

Homer, Sunrise Coal OK deal on payments

HOMER — The village has accepted a reimbursement agreement from Sunrise Coal.

The company, based in Terre Haute, Ind., has asked Homer to supply water to its proposed coal mine. Homer is considering the request for hundreds of thousands of gallons of raw water in addition to potable water and sewer services, which Sunrise would pay the village to provide on an annual basis.

During the board meeting Monday, village attorney Paul Hendren updated the board regarding the reimbursement agreement between Sunrise Coal and the village.

Hendren said he and Mayor David Lucas received a revised reimbursement agreement earlier in the day from Sunrise Coal so the board members were seeing the revised agreement for the first time during the meting.

Hendren said the agreement states that Sunrise Coal will deposit $25,000 in a draw account. The money will be used to pay for lawyers, special board meetings and any other expenditures related to the investigation of the legalities involving the village selling water to the mine.

Hendren said the company will deposit an additional $25,000 if $20,000 of the first deposit is spent.

The agreement states the village will hire a special municipal utility attorney. The village will tell Sunrise who the attorney is, but the company does not have veto power over the hire.


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Orbiter wrote on October 09, 2012 at 11:10 pm

Unfortunately, today's article misleads. In stating "hundreds of thousands of gallons of raw water in addition to potable water and sewer services, which Sunrise would pay the village to provide on an annual basis" the reader assumes the figure is a per year request. Not really all that much water.

However, in a previous article by the same author, on September 10th of this year, the facts were given as follows:  "The company is requesting 325,000 gallons of water initially and eventually 540,000 gallons of water a day. The village uses 120,000 gallons a day."

So we're talking about 3.5 million gallons of water a week beyond what the village uses.  197 million gallons a year.  That really IS a lot of water.  I sure do hope the coal mine discharges it in a clean and pure condition, in a safe way, to protect the environment. 

Sid Saltfork wrote on October 10, 2012 at 7:10 am

Orbiter;  Thank you for clarifying the amount of water.  When people travel along the river area; they will see signs posted by residents protesting the proposed coal mine.  They will see the same in the village of Homer.  Residents in the area are divided on the issue.  Homer unlike other villages depends on it's wells.  Other villages have water pumped in from Urbana at a high rate.  The candidates for the Champaign County Board have expressed their opinions on the board's role in the matter.  The residents of Homer, and the surrounding area should be the people making the decision; not someone living in Champaign, or elsewhere.  Money will be a big influence in the matter.  Imagine if the same coal company wanted to develop a coal mine adjacent to the Boneyard Creek north of Urbana; or adjacent to the Sangamon River outside of Mahomet.  The people in the affected area should be the people who decide what is best for their area, and families.  The people living down river should have a say in the matter, also, due to the discharge into the river from the coal company.

Thanks again for your comment.