Fahey is only judge not recommended in bar association poll

Fahey is only judge not recommended in bar association poll

Only one area judicial candidate, Nancy S. Fahey of Danville, is not recommended for another term on the bench, according to a poll of lawyers conducted by the Illinois State Bar Association.

Fahey, who has been a judge since 2006, is up for retention in the Fifth Judicial Circuit which includes Vermilion, Coles, Edgar, Clark and Cumberland counties.

The bar association mailed ballots to 195 lawyers in the circuit and 105 were returned. In the key question, "meets requirements of office," Fahey's score was 61.02. Candidates must receive a 65 percent yes response to that question in order to be recommended, according to the bar association.

Fahey received a score of 79 in integrity, 67 in impartiality, 62 in legal ability, 71 in temperament, 64 in court management, 95 in health and 80 in sensitivity.

Fahey, who is on vacation this week, could not be reached for comment after repeated calls on Wednesday and Thursday.

Judge Craig DeArmond, who also is up for retention in the Fifth Circuit, was recommended. His score was 86.76 in "meets requirements of office." His other scores ranged from 69 in temperament to 99 in health.

In order to be retained as a judge, Illinois' Constitution requires that 60 percent of those voting on the question at the general election must vote yes.

Also on the Vermilion County ballot, Brien J. O'Brien of Mattoon is unopposed for a vacancy in the Fifth Judicial Circuit. In his race, 185 ballots were mailed out and 100 were returned. O'Brien received scores ranging from 97 to 100.

Aside from Fahey, every other area candidate for judge, or for judicial retention, was endorsed in the poll of lawyers.

In the 4th Appellate District, which includes every area county except Iroquois, Appellate Court Justice Carol Pope, a Republican from Petersburg, was rated "highly qualified." Candidates seeking to fill vacancies can be rated either "highly qualified," "qualified," or "not qualified."

Pope is already serving on the appellate court but is seeking a 10-year term to fill the vacancy created by the appointment of Justice Sue Myerscough to the federal district court. Pope, who has an undergraduate degree from the University of Illinois and a law degree from the DePaul University College of Law, is unopposed in the Nov. 6 election.

In the bar poll, 720 ballots were returned out of 2,117 mailed out. Pope received grades of 83 (out of 100) or above in the eight categories graded.

Justice Rita Garman, of Danville, was recommended for another 10-year term on the Illinois Supreme Court, and Justice John Turner, of Lincoln, was recommended for another 10-year term on the appellate court.

In Garman's and Turner's cases, 2,166 ballots were mailed to lawyers and 762 were returned. All of Garman's and Turner's scores were 93 or above.

Thomas E. Griffith, a Decatur Republican, was recommended for a six-year term as a judge in the Sixth Judicial Circuit. Griffith was appointed a circuit court judge in January 2011. He is unopposed for election in a district that includes Champaign, DeWitt, Douglas, Macon, Moultrie and Piatt counties. Griffith's scores all were 97 or above. He received perfect scores for court management, health and sensitivity.

And four circuit judges in the Sixth Circuit — Michael G. Carroll of Douglas County, Dan L. Flannell of Moultrie County, and Jeffrey Ford and Michael Q. Jones of Champaign County — were recommended for retention. In that poll, 210 of the 636 lawyers polled returned ballots.

Carroll received scores ranging from 94 to 99. Flannell got scores of between 95 and 100 (with perfect scores in legal ability, court management, health and sensitivity). Ford's scores were between 76 and 97. Jones' scores ranged from 93 to 97.

In the 11th Judicial Circuit, which includes Ford, Livingston, Logan, McLean and Woodford counties, both Rebecca Simmons Foley and Paul Lawrence are recommended to fill two separate vacancies. Both are Republicans and neither is opposed.

Also in the 11th Circuit, Judges Elizabeth Robb and Kevin P. Fitzgerald are recommended for retention.

In Iroquois County, which is in the Third Appellate Court District and the 21st Judicial Circuit, both Tom M. Lytton and Daniel L. Schmidt are recommended for retention on he appellate court, and Judge Kendall O. Wenzelman is recommended for retention to the circuit court.