Frerichs, Hays, Jakobsson all win re-election in set of one-sided races

Frerichs, Hays, Jakobsson all win re-election in set of one-sided races

The incumbents in three contested Illinois legislative races were victorious Tuesday night, as Democrats Michael Frerichs and Naomi Jakobsson and Republican Chad Hays were all re-elected.

In the 52nd Illinois Senate District race, Republican John Bambenek challenged Frerichs.

In Vermilion County, Frerichs earned about 60 percent of the vote. In Champaign County, Frerichs won about 66 percent of the vote.

Frerichs said he was happy with the result.

"It was a good showing after a good clean race," he said, adding that he thought he and Bambenek stuck to the issues, rather than focusing on personal attacks.

Bambenek reiterated that sentiment.

"Obviously, it wasn't the result we were looking for, but we ran the best race we could," he said. "It didn't turn out our way tonight."

He said he's looking forward to working with Frerichs in the future "to help make the state a better place for all of us."

In the 103rd Illinois House District, Champaign restaurateur Rob Meister, a Republican, took on Jakobsson, of Urbana.

Jakobsson, who won with about 69 percent of the vote, said she's grateful to the voters.

"I've worked hard, both in the campaign and in serving the people in the 103rd and I want to continue to work hard," she said.

Meister said he's still optimistic about the future of Illinois and said he appreciated the fact that he was able to go door to door and share ideas with people he knew were Democrats, and he knows some voted for him.

He said he's not sure if he'll run again, and plans to "hunker down" and focus on the success of his business at a time of economic uncertainty in Illinois.

"Then, if I feel like I can fight the good fight and make a difference in Illinois, I'm definitely not going to give up on it," Meister said.

And in the 104th Illinois House District, Urbana resident Michael Langendorf challenged Hays, who lives in Catlin.

In Vermilion County, Hays earned about 69 percent of the vote, and in Champaign County, about 59 percent.

Hays said he was happy with the numbers in both counties.

"The voters of the 104th District have been generous in their support of me and hopefully, that's indicative that I've been working very hard on behalf of the citizens in both Vermilion and Champaign counties," Hays said.

Langendorf said he was glad to run against Hays and that he didn't spend "outrageous amounts of money."

Their campaign had "no mudslinging, no disrespect."

"We had a good discussion. ... I offered a change, and (the voters) didn't take it," Langendorf said.