UI polling group gets presidential race almost right

UI polling group gets presidential race almost right

With the dust settled from the election, one group at the University of Illinois is patting itself on the back.

That's the Election Analytics group, which is made up of students from various majors working under the guidance of a professor as an independent study.  The group tracked polling data during election season, ran the data through a mathematical formula, and produced a picture of who would come out on top in the election.

And just as in 2008, the group was incredibly accurate.  With the exception of Florida, the group correctly picked who would win each state in the presidential race.

The group's head, computer science professor Sheldon Jacobson, said the results prove that the polls don't lie.

The Election Analytics group also went 31 for 33 in picking the nation's Senate races.  And Professor Jacobson said the group plans to do it all again in four years.