Danville aldermen to review land purchases

Danville aldermen to review land purchases

DANVILLE — Aldermen on the city's public works committee will have about 20 land acquisitions to review and possibly approve Tuesday night, including a new site for the city's landscape yard waste recycling operation.

City administration officials have negotiated to pay property owner Daniel Schlorff $75,000 for an 8- to 10-acre site of undeveloped property northeast of the city limits at the far east end of the unpaved portion of East Liberty Lane, east of Bowman Avenue. The city has had a $1,000 option on the site for several months awaiting the permitting process through the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency. The city has been searching for a new site for processing and recycling of the city's yard waste material because its current site at the privately owned Brickyard Landfill must be vacated next year so the space can be used by the landfill. The city hopes to have this new site in operation by spring 2013 when the yard waste program starts up again.

The city council's public works committee will consider approving the $75,000 purchase agreement with Schlorff at 6 p.m. Tuesday in the municipal building, 17 W. Main St., Danville. The full council will consider it next week.

The new site is part of a five-year solid waste plan the city council approved earlier this year that increases residents' monthly garbage fee from the current $18 to $23.50 by the fifth year. The annual yard waste sticker will increase from $20 to $40 by the fifth year. And even with the additional revenue generated by the increases, cuts were still necessary. The number of solid waste employees was reduced from 16 to 14 to keep projected expenses within the projected revenue stream.

The five-year plan includes hundreds of thousands of dollars for capital purchases, mostly associated with the yard waste program, including the new site and new equipment.

The public works committee will also consider the purchase of 19 other parcels, which city administration officials acquired in a recent auction of properties that had fallen into the hands of the Vermilion County trustee for various reasons.

The bidding started at $600, and the city purchased 16 of the properties for $646, two more for $848 and one for $4,585, for a total of $16,617.

Ten of the properties are lots within the city, including a 6-acre piece adjacent to Espenscheid Park, where the Fetch Dog Park is located.

David Schnelle, urban services director with the city, said the property will make a nice expansion to the park, and seven other lots are adjacent to Carver Park and work into the ongoing improvements at that city park.

Nine of the properties have structures on them, including five properties that are north of Danville High School and south of the school's track facility.

The Danville school district also purchased five additional properties in that area at the county trustees sale for a total of $5,250, including $250 in recorder's fees. Two are lots and three have vacant structures that Superintendent Mark Denman said would eventually be demolished. The Danville school board will consider its five purchases, all for $600 each except one at $2,600, at its meeting on Wednesday.

Schnelle said the city coordinated with the school district so they wouldn't be seeking the same properties. He said the goal is to acquire that whole area between the high school and track as it becomes available. He said it's also about trying to clear out dilapidated properties.

Schnelle said the purchase that has the most potential is the highest-price property, a $4,585 lot on Section Street that will allow the city to extend Section to the new part of Collett Street that's being built as part of the Fairchild subway replacement project.

Schnelle said that will make that area much more attractive to economic development and also give the city a good way to get truck traffic from Collett and Section streets back around to Fairchild Street without hitting a train.

"I'm real excited about that one," he said.

Auction properties

The following is a list of properties that the city of Danville and the Danville school district bought recently at the Vermilion County trustee property auction.

Danville city purchases (total $16,617)

Address  Price Structure  Purpose
Off Fletcher Drive $848  Lot  Espenscheid Park extension
Off N. Bowman Ave. $848  Lot  Public works
1831 E. Main St. $646  House  Main Street project
Section Street $4,585  Lot  Collett Street extension
918 N. Hazel St. $646  House  Danville High improvements
925 Chicago St. $646  House  Danville High improvements
412 Sidell St. $646  House  Danville High improvements
438 Jackson St. $646  House  Danville High improvements
415 Jackson St. $646  House  Danville High improvements
Five Cherry St. lots $646  Lots  Carver Park expansion
Two Junction St. lots $646  Lots  Carver Park expansion
108 Logan Ave. $646  House  Corridor improvement
126 Logan Ave. $646  House  Corridor improvement
109 N. Bowman Ave. $646  House  Corridor improvement

Danville school district purchases (total $5,250 including recording fees)


Address  Price
909 N. Jackson St. $600
919 N. Jackson St. $600
921 N. Jackson St. $600
1004 N. Jackson St. $600
304 Sidell St. $2,600