Gifford school board raises levy by almost 10 percent

Gifford school board raises levy by almost 10 percent

GIFFORD — The grade school district will seek a 9.78 percent higher tax levy.

The increase is expected to bring in $84,900 in new money.

Superintendent Rod Grimsley said the district received $32,000 more tax money from last year's levy when the consumer price index was 1.5 percent. This year's CPI is 3 percent.

"If we asked for an increase of less than 5 percent, then we would only be entitled to an increase in money of $42,000," Grimsley said at last week's meeting.

He said the district needs "to make sure we have ballooned the levy high enough to account for" a substantial amount of new-growth money that will go on this year's tax roll that does not count against the tax cap. Otherwise, the district would lose a portion of that new money every year.

More money will also come in as a result of the community being reassessed during the summer and due to the construction of wind turbines in the southeast part of the district.

Grimsley estimated the 22 new turbines in the district will increase the district's equalized assessed valuation by about $4.2 million.

Because the levy is higher than 5 percent, it will be necessary for the board to conduct a truth-in-taxation hearing. The hearing is set at 6:45 p.m. Dec. 10 at the school, just before the regular monthly meeting.