Danville yard waste collection to stop, will resume in January

Danville yard waste collection to stop, will resume in January

DANVILLE — The city's weekly yard waste collection program will stop Dec. 14, but residents will have another opportunity for yard waste pickup during a two-week period in early January.

The yard waste recycling facility will remain open to accept materials after the Dec. 14 stop date, according to Bob Scott, operations manager for the city. He said so far this year, the facility has recycled about 1,400 tons of yard waste material from the community, which keeps that waste out of the streets, ditches and creeks where it can cause problems. Scott said grass clippings, leaves and twigs can clog up storm sewers and drains causing flooding. Also, he said, yard waste dumped along creek banks can cause erosion issues, and if the material gets in creeks, it can deprive fish of oxygen as the material decomposes.

After Dec. 14, there will be a special yard waste pickup period from Jan. 2 through Jan. 11. During that time, Christmas trees and other holiday greenery will be collected, and any remaining yard waste may be placed out during those two weeks. No yard waste will be collected after Jan. 11 until the program restarts again in the spring.

Residents need to follow certain guidelines for pickup of Christmas trees and greenery.

Live trees with no debris like tinsel or flocking should be placed out in the same location as yard waste on regular collection day. No plastic bags, tarps or tree stands should be on the trees. Live trees that have been flocked or have debris on them should be placed out with regular household garbage. Trees in bags or tarps must also be placed out with household garbage. These materials cannot be included or processed in the yard waste recycling program.

And a special holiday collection of garbage will take place Dec. 31 through Jan. 5.

During that week, residents may place additional holiday (non-food) waste beside their city-issued toters. All additional waste must be inside plastic bags. Any boxes should be compacted and bundled. Holiday waste should not include furniture items.

And there will be no residential solid waste collection on Dec. 25 and Jan. 1, which will push back, by one day, any pick-up days for the remainder of those weeks.

For more information, call Danville public works' solid waste department at 431-2288.