Two from Pekin arrested over copper theft in Tuscola

Two from Pekin arrested over copper theft in Tuscola

TUSCOLA — Two men from Pekin were arrested there and brought back to Douglas County after being tracked from an apparent copper theft early Wednesday in Tuscola.

According to the Douglas County sheriff's office, the Peoria police department contacted Tuscola police early Wednesday to say they were following a truck driven by Douglas B. Dunn, 39, of Pekin, and that he had led them to the Tuscola area. He was a suspect in metal thefts from Peoria and Tazewell County and his truck had been identified as being at Bryant Industries, on U.S. 36 in Tuscola.

Tazewell and Peoria county sheriffs' officers followed Dunn's vehicle when it left, while Tuscola police and Douglas County sheriff's officers checked Bryant Industries, which had been broken into and a large amount of copper wiring, tubing and a pickup truck had been stolen. The truck was found in a rural area in Douglas County, holding empty boxes that had contained copper.

Dunn and Eric J. Wisher, 35, also of Pekin, were tracked to Pekin, where officers stopped them. In Dunn's truck, they found about 1,200 pounds of copper wiring and tubing, which Bryant Industries officials confirmed as theirs. The metal had an estimated value of $3,500.

The two were arrested for theft and brought back to Douglas County to be charged. Dunn remained in the county jail on $25,000 bond, while Wisher was released on $15,000 bond.

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