Tom Kacich: See if you can attribute 2012's bizarre political quotes

Tom Kacich: See if you can attribute 2012's bizarre political quotes

2012 was a most bizarre year in local politics, with unpredictable events, unexpected election results, plenty of intraparty fighting and prodigious amounts of money spent on a congressional race that a year ago looked dull.

Your challenge today is to match a series of quotes from the year just past with the people who said them.

1. "In every sense it does what I think the American people are asking us to do, and that is to limit government, to limit the time we're in session and to bring back the concept of the citizen legislator," this congressional candidate said on Jan. 12. "I do want to be somebody who stands out and I do want to look good and I want to be good."

a. Democrat David Gill
b. Democrat Matt Goetten
c. Republican Frank Metzger
d. Rep. Tim Johnson

2. "The 13th District in Illinois has become in many ways a cesspool for negativity," said this man. "If good people sit back and do nothing when evil is happening in the system, then I'm just as guilty as they are."

a. Former Gov. Jim Edgar
b. University of Illinois Professor Jim Nowlan
c. Rep. Tim Johnson
d. Independent congressional candidate John Hartman

3. "We appreciate Congressman Johnson's concerns," a politician said about Johnson's complaints about negative campaigning in the 13th Congressional District race. "Obviously, we would not be in this position had (Johnson) decided to fill out his obligation and run for the office. He chose not to do that."

a. Democrat David Gill
b. Republican Rodney Davis
c. Independent John Hartman
d. Congressional colleague John Shimkus

4. "I would be very limited in where I'd exclude them," this candidate said of a concealed-carry law in Illinois. "I think that people should have the opportunity to defend themselves. That's the underlying principle. Should you be defenseless just because you're walking on the Quad at the U of I? That's where bad stuff happens."

a. Republican John Bambenek
b. Republican Rodney Davis
c. Democrat Mike Frerichs
d. Democrat David Gill

5. "I believe that when all the votes are counted, I'll be your next congressman."

a. Democrat David Gill
b. Democrat Matt Goetten
c. Republican Michael Firsching
d. Rep. Tim Johnson

6. Tuscola businessman Gayle Frerichs praised this local state legislator, saying "he has done an excellent job over there. I think he does as good as he can. But they all say just enough to get elected and when they get over there, they don't do anything to change it." Frerichs also said he had moved his trucking business out of Illinois after lawmakers approved an income-tax increase in 2011. "But the final straw was when Illinois raised its income taxes. That did it for me," he said. Which legislator did Gayle Frerichs commend?

a. Democrat Mike Frerichs
b. Democrat Naomi Jakobsson
c. Republican Dale Righter
d. Republican Chapin Rose

7. "I really appreciate so many friends voting for me one more time and I hope that they will understand that I must decline the nomination."

a. Republican Circuit Clerk Linda Frank
b. Rep. Tim Johnson
c. Republican Rick Winkel
d. Republican Stephanie Holderfield

8. "I ran Tim Johnson's campaigns against (David Gill). He's run against Tim three times so I know Dr. Gill and I know this district. I'd like to beat Dr. Gill a fourth time to make sure that Nancy Pelosi doesn't become speaker again."

a. Rodney Davis
b. Jerry Clarke
c. Erika Harold
d. Kathy Wassink

9. "I've got skin in the game. I've got blood on the floor. And I've got my own money in this."

a. Republican Rick Winkel
b. Republican Stephanie Holderfield
c. Democrat Barbara Wysocki
d. Democrat Lori Hansen

10. "There's been a split in our Democratic Party for a long time. We lost every single race in the countywide elections, very simply. All I can say is that within this caucus I will work to repair any of the problems that have occurred, and will put together a very strong caucus."

a. Champaign County Board Democrat Michael Richards
b. Champaign County Board Democrat Al Kurtz
c. Champaign County Board Democrat Pattsi Petrie
d. Champaign County Board Democrat Ralph Langenheim


1. d. Johnson dropped out of the congressional race less than three months later, just after winning the March 20 primary election.

2. c. Johnson criticized the $6.9 million spent on attack ads after he got out of the 13th District race.

3. d. Shimkus, whom 13th District GOP candidate Rodney Davis had worked for in Congress.

4. d. Gill, an emergency-room doctor.

5. a. Gill, about six hours after polls closed Nov. 6 with returns showing him trailing by 1,287 votes. Official results later showed he lost by 1,002 votes.

6. d, Rose, although Gayle Frerichs is a distant cousin of Democratic state Sen. Mike Frerichs, D-Champaign.

7. c. Winkel, who won the Republican primary election for circuit clerk over Holderfield, even though he had dropped out of the race six weeks earlier.

8. b. Clarke was assumed to be the front-runner in the 13th District GOP race until Johnson issued a statement saying that he believed that none of his former staff should be the nominee.

9. b. Holderfield was passed over by Republican precinct committeemen, who chose Katie Blakeman to represent their party for circuit clerk, even though Holderfield had run in the primary election and Blakeman hadn't.

10. b. Kurtz, who became county board chairman with the votes of three Democrats (including himself) and 10 Republicans. Richards earlier had been chosen the nominee by the board's Democratic caucus.

Tom Kacich is a News-Gazette editor and columnist. He can be reached at 351-5221 or at

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syzlack wrote on January 02, 2013 at 5:01 pm

I got zero. No clue.  Just like 99.9% of the local population.  C'mon Kacich, get real.  No more data dumps. Think for a change.