Retired Danville schools administrator wins ballot lottery for board election

Retired Danville schools administrator wins ballot lottery for board election

DANVILLE — A retired Danville schools administrator's name will appear at the top of the ballot in the Danville school board race in this year's consolidated election.

Danville school board secretary Martha See said Lon Henderson, a former special-education director for the district, won Wednesday's lottery to determine name placement on the ballot.

Nine people are running for four open seats, which are currently held by Greg Hilleary, Randal Ashton, Dan Brown and Frank Young. The top four vote-getters in the April 9 election will serve four-year terms.

Henderson was one of six candidates who all filed nominating petitions at 8 a.m. Dec. 17 when the filing period began, prompting the need for the lottery.

A number correlating to candidate Johnnie L. Carey's name was drawn second, Phyllis T. Roth's was drawn third, Hilleary's was drawn fourth, David Woodrow's was drawn fifth and Darlene Halloran's was drawn last.

The other three candidates' names will follow in the order in which they filed. They are Brown and Young, both of whom filed on Dec. 21, and then Ashton, who filed about an hour before the deadline on Dec. 26.

See said the lottery took "maybe three minutes tops." She said that while candidates have attended past lottery drawings, she was somewhat surprised that Henderson, Carey, Roth and Halloran showed up for the drawing since the district was still on winter break.

The office has been open a couple hours on most days throughout the break to take election petitions and objections, though no objections have been filed. The deadline to file an objection to someone's candidacy is 5 p.m. today.

See plans to file the official ballot with the Vermilion County Clerk on Friday.