Monticello puts electric aggregation on April ballot

Monticello puts electric aggregation on April ballot

MONTICELLO — Residents will have the opportunity to purchase electricity as a group with several other municipalities, a move that has saved consumers 20 percent to 30 percent on electricity rates in other towns.

The Monticello City Council this week voted to put municipal aggregation on the April 9 ballot. If approved, a bid for electricity will go out this spring for a group of over 100,000 Illinois residents, including those in Monticello. Group-buying has saved residents an average $300 per year on the energy portion of their bills, according to consultant Jerod McMorris of Good Energy, the Peoria firm hired by Monticello to walk them through the aggregation process. The cost od delivery through Ameren would not be affected.

Good Energy will also educate the public on the issue.

"We will be leaning on you folks to tell us who we should meet with; what civic groups we will be meeting with, maybe what media to work with," said McMorris.

If approved, public hearings will be held, an operational plan will be approved, and a city representative will attend "bid day," when an electricity provider would be selected.

In the last round of bids for 54 communities, a rate of 4.09 cents per kilowatt-hour was secured, compared with Ameren's current price of 5.65 cents.

Residents would automatically purchase from the new supplier unless they opt out. There would be two opportunities for individual residences to opt out and stick with Ameren.