UI trustees to consider higher fees, housing rates

UI trustees to consider higher fees, housing rates

URBANA — Student fees and housing rates will increase slightly for the next academic year, according to a recommendation presented to University of Illinois trustees on Monday.

Tuition proposals for the 2013-2014 academic year have not been shared publicly yet, but the full UI Board of Trustees is expected to vote on tuition and fees at its regular meeting scheduled for Jan. 24 in Chicago. Last year, the university released tuition rates just a few hours before the board's vote.

Student fee and room and board information have been released, however. As currently proposed, student fees for the Urbana campus will rise about 1 percent or $30 a year to a total of $2,916 for 2013-2014. The fees pay for a variety of services and units, such as campus recreation, library and information technology, health services, deferred maintenance on campus buildings and more.

Standard room and board rates for the Urbana campus (living with a roommate and taking about 14 meals per week) are slated to increase by about 3 percent to just below $10,000 for one year. The rates as proposed are $9,979 for the 2013-2014 academic year, up $291 to cover increased operational costs, salaries, utilities and food costs, said the UI's Vice President for Academic Affairs Christophe Pierre.

"A significant part is to cover debt service for new buildings such as Ikenberry Commons," he said.

In recent years, the UI has been replacing what was commonly called the "Six Pack" residence halls with a cluster of new residence and dining halls at First and Gregory streets in Champaign.

Rates are pending approval by the full board.

The projected student fees for 2013-2014 in Chicago are $2,948, up $44 from last year. The Springfield campus, which has new recreational facilities and more technology investments, will see a bigger increase at $1,892 a year, up 6.1 percent, according to Pierre.

In 2013-2014, room and board in Chicago will run students about $10,600 a year, up about $201, or 2 percent. In Springfield, which is seeing renovations and new housing added to their campus, room and board is up to $10,350, or $480 from last year.

As for tuition as it currently stands in Urbana, in-state freshmen who started in fall 2012 pay $11,636 per year, out-of-state students pay $25,778 a year and international students pay $26,578. Some programs, such as engineering, with its tuition of $16,556 for in-state students, charger higher rates. Per state law, tuition is guaranteed to stay at the same level for four years for incoming students.