Teacher helps raise money for laptops

Teacher helps raise money for laptops

ROYAL — A seventh/eighth-grade math teacher at Prairieview Ogden Junior High has helped raise $3,345 to buy 28 Chromebook laptops for the school.

The PVO school board recognized Bryan Hartman at its monthly meeting this week for his efforts to raise funds for the purchase.

He called the program, "Let's raise some money — $119.50 laptops (that aren't junk)."

Hartman said the program is a cooperative effort between Google and Donorschoose.org to offer the Chromebooks. Teachers had until Dec. 21 to sign up.

"Being the tech nerd that I am, I immediately signed up," Hartman said. "Twelve hours later sign-ups closed."

He said he answered a few questions, filled out a questionnaire and two days later they were enrolled.

Then he sought donations. Each donation was matched by the donorschoose.org board of directors.

The Chromebook S5 laptops are meant primarily for web-based activities.

He said while laptops normally sell for $350-$450, they were able to buy the Chromebooks for $119.50.

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rsp wrote on January 18, 2013 at 10:01 am

His students will never forget his example of going out and doing something because you believe in it.