Unit 7 plans addition at Unity West

Unit 7 plans addition at Unity West

TOLONO — The school board is moving ahead with plans for a four-classroom addition at Unity West Elementary School.

The board is planning to issue $1.5 million in alternate revenue source bonds for that project and for the construction of a new maintenance shed at Unity High School.

"This will all be paid out of sales tax dollars," Superintendent Andrew Larson said.

Architect Chuck Reifsteck of Champaign-based Gorski Reifsteck presented floor plans and three-dimensional views of two options on how the classrooms might be configured.

The first option would have a corridor space connecting it to the south wall on the west wing of the building; the other would have the classrooms attaching directly to the south wall. The disadvantage to the first option would be that debris might collect in the outdoor areas beside the corridor, between the building and the addition, Reifsteck said. The drawback to the second option would be the challenges of tying in the existing roof with a new one.

Both options would cost an estimated $1.1 million to $1.2 million, which would account for everything except furniture and architectural/engineering fees. Reifsteck said the estimate includes "a pretty healthy contingency."

Construction on the addition would take about nine months and would conclude in January 2014.