GCMS OKs full-time assistant principal

GCMS OKs full-time assistant principal

GIBSON CITY — School board members approved a job description for an assistant principal to become a full-time position rather than the current half-day position.

Board members also accepted the resignation of current jobholder Gene Everett at the end of this school year. Everett has been a teacher, coach and administrator for the district.

Everett's long-time experience put him near the top of a competitive salary scale, Superintendent Anthony Galindo said. Because of that, Galindo said, the net increase to make the position full time could be around $10,000. A salary range for the position has not been set, however.

The increase to a full-time position is designed to provide additional administrative services to the district's middle school as well as the elementary school.

Overall, the job description will be similar to the current one but will add a duty for covering some evening athletic events throughout the district. The new hire for the 10-month position would start around Aug. 1, Galindo said.

Board members heard a new curriculum proposal from science teacher Tami Seneca. The proposal would require three credits in science for high school graduation rather than the current two. The proposal would not change the total credits required for graduation, but would replace an elective credit.

The board will take action on the proposal at their February meeting.

Members also received a first look at a tentative school calendar. The biggest potential calendar change could be in the high school graduation date.

Principal Chris Garard said he is considering a Saturday evening outdoor graduation ceremony on Memorial Day weekend rather than the past Sunday afternoon time.