No quorum for Paxton council; mayor says closing airport an option

No quorum for Paxton council; mayor says closing airport an option

PAXTON — For the second time this month, the city council was unable to hold its regular meeting because only four of eight aldermen attended, not enough for a quorum.

Those present agreed that business before the council could be tabled till February and that regular meeting is set for Feb. 11.

But Mayor Bill Ingold read a statement about his position on the municipal airport that he sent to The Paxton Record. Ingold told the council he wanted to give aldermen a "heads-up" of what will be published.

Ingold said that if the airport cannot sustain itself without infusions of cash from the general fund, then the city must think about closing it. He said that though he has supported the airport for the 22 years he has been on council, the airport is only an asset if it benefits the city. He said the city has no spare money to support it. He noted that no money from the general fund has been spent this past year to support it.

The airport generates money from hangar owners for leasing ground the buildings stand on and taxes paid on the hangar buildings. The city gets some income from fuel sales there. Closing the airport is a problem because of contractual agreements with leaseholders to provide a runway and a pump to get fuel. Ingold said no new leases should be entered into and no current ones extended.