Water-sewer vote in Homer may not come till Feb. 11

Water-sewer vote in Homer may not come till Feb. 11

HOMER — It may be almost two weeks before the village board again considers voting on a proposed contract with Sunrise Coal for treated water and sewer services, according to Mayor David Lucas.

The self-imposed deadline was Friday for the attorneys to finish a final draft of an agreement detailing terms of how Homer will supply Sunrise coal's Bulldog coal mine with treated water and sewer services. Sunrise has asked the village to supply its proposed Bulldog coal mine in western Vermilion County with treated water and sewer services at the mine's surface operation about 5 miles from Homer, which is in Champaign County. Sunrise has also asked the village to supply hundreds of thousands of gallons a day of raw water for the coal mining process, but the village is only considering the treated water and sewer services currently.

The village board had scheduled a meeting for Monday night to vote on the treated water contract, but the village canceled the meeting Monday morning, because the village has not yet received a final draft of the agreement from the attorney representing the village.

Lucas said it's very important that all the board members have time to read the agreement prior to voting, so they can ask questions or make any changes or corrections to it. Once the village board members sign off on the final draft of the agreement, Lucas said, it will be posted publicly, likely on the village's website, prior to the village board voting on it.

Lucas said the agreement will be voted on at the village's regular meeting on Feb. 11 if there's not enough time to call a special meeting before then.

As of Monday, Lucas said the village still does not have a final draft in hand for the village board members to review. Lucas said he's still waiting to hear from the village's special attorney in Chicago about a couple hang-ups in contract language. Lucas said he had hoped on Friday that the final hang-ups could be worked out over the weekend, allowing the board to meet Monday night, but that didn't happen.

"Right now we're in a hold pattern," he said.