Bids arriving for county annex building in Monticello

Bids arriving for county annex building in Monticello

MONTICELLO — Some newfound interest in the county annex building has officials hopeful the empty building and lot may finally sell after 10 months on the market.

County board building and grounds committee members said Wednesday that two parties have delivered sealed bids on the 14,000-square-foot structure at 301 S. Charter Street, and a third is expected to do the same in upcoming weeks.

It is an abrupt change from a month ago, when committee members were eyeing potential costs to tear down the 1930s structure, which housed several county offices until last spring.

"These guys are expressing interest, and I think we're going to get the building sold," committee member Dick Wilkin said.

The committee suggested a special Piatt County Board meeting be set up for late February to open and consider the bids. The county may come up with a minimum amount it wants to receive for the property, but if offers for the building are below that, the board may still allow bidders to raise their offers.

The annex failed to sell at a public auction last June, when a minimum price of $100,000 was set up, then lowered to $90,000. The property had been appraised at $160,000.