Man charged in incident with Parkland police officer

Man charged in incident with Parkland police officer

URBANA — A Champaign man who allegedly tried to get the gun of a Parkland police officer at the college Wednesday has been criminally charged.

Deandre Dobynes, 22, who listed an address in the 1500 block of Thornton Drive, was charged Thursday with attempted disarming of a police officer and resisting a police officer.

Judge Richard Klaus set his bond at $100,000 and told him to be back in court Feb. 19.

Parkland College Police Chief Von Young said Officer Jacob Brand broke his ankle in a struggle with Dobynes, who was eventually subdued by three officers.

Young said the altercation happened in an office of the Donald Dodds Athletic Center, where Brand and fellow officer, Sgt. Duane Frichtl, had taken Dobynes around 7:20 p.m. to talk to him about allegedly stalking a female Parkland student from Champaign. Young said Dobynes is a former Parkland student.

"During the course of the interview with him, Dobynes made threatening remarks and furtive movements and took a swing at Brand," Young said.

Police reports said Dobynes made several comments about the officers' guns and threatened to kill Brand. After Dobynes flung his arm, the officer went to arrest him and a struggle began.

"In the process of trying to subdue him, he went for the officers' weapons several times," Young said. "We have a very secure holster and he wasn't able to get it out, but he had his hand on (Brand's) weapon."

Young said as the officers were trying to get Dobynes on the floor, it's believed that Dobynes came down on Brand's ankle, breaking it.

Young said he was waiting to hear how long Brand might have to be off work. Frichtl sustained bumps and bruises but did not require medical treatment, according to Young. A third officer, Sgt. Greg Boise, came to the aid of the others to get Dobynes handcuffed.

Young said Dobynes had allegedly been making unwanted contact with the female student through Facebook and Twitter starting in November but she had not reported it to police. On Wednesday night, when the student's mother saw Dobynes in the gym, she sought out officers and told them about it, prompting them to invite him into an office for questioning.

Court records show Dobynes has prior convictions for forgery, resisting arrest and obstructing justice.