Rantoul considers fewer liquor licenses

Rantoul considers fewer liquor licenses

RANTOUL — Village trustees must decide at Tuesday's monthly meeting whether eight is too much.

The board will mull a liquor advisory committee recommendation to reduce from eight to seven the number of Class A liquor licenses.

The license became available when Hot Headz Bar & Grill, 108 N. Garrard St., closed earlier this year.

It didn't take long for another group to step forward to run the bar.

Kevin Dockham of Fisher, who manages the building for owner Hobbs Vending, and Kelly Steenbergen addressed the village board at the Feb. 5 study session. Steenbergen and her husband, Sam, also of Fisher, would run the bar with help from their family.

Mayor Neal Williams said the liquor advisory committee, which met in January, had recommended the number of Class A licenses (alcoholic liquor for consumption on or off the premises) be reduced. He said the village perhaps has too many Class A licenses.

"That bar has been opened and closed and opened and closed a number of times," Williams said Wednesday. "There doesn't seem to be any stability. We're talking, 'Is this good for downtown Rantoul?'"

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MsGr wrote on February 09, 2013 at 7:02 pm

I don't go to bars or lounges but in my opinion - what is 8 or 7 liquor licenses? these new owners of the bar might be able to make a go of it, where the others weren't able to. IF they bought the building and want to give it a try, why prevent them that chance? 

buster4236 wrote on February 10, 2013 at 5:02 am

  Why would Mayor Williams want to curtail the number of Liquor Licenses, when a willing family wants to operate this downtown establishment.  Why is Williams wanting to drive away future business owners and discourage possible future revenue for the village?  I for one don't want my Property Taxes "Jacked Up" again to fill the void of future revenue this business could generate.