Gerard issues emergency order for 2013 'Unofficial'

Gerard issues emergency order for 2013 'Unofficial'

CHAMPAIGN — Mayor Don Gerard on Wednesday issued an emergency order regulating the flow of alcohol on campus next weekend as students get ready to celebrate "Unofficial St. Patrick's Day."

Gerard's order will be effective beginning March 1 and last into the early morning hours of March 3. It applies only to businesses in the campus area, bounded by Neil Street, Springfield Avenue, Wright Street and Kirby Avenue.

On Wednesday, Gerard ordered the following:

— Bars, restaurants and liquor stores are prohibited from serving or selling alcohol before 10 a.m.

— Bars and restaurants are prohibited from hosting private parties that include special drink pricing or other privileges.

— Bars and restaurants may not serve beer in pitchers, and all drinks must be served in aluminum containers or paper or plastic cups.

— No one under the age of 21 may be allowed to enter a bar all day on March 1 and after 9 p.m. on March 2. Bars must have a staff member checking identification at entrances.

— Customers must complete an "adult responsibility form" before purchasing 168 or more 12-ounce containers of beer or malt liquor; 100 ounces or 3,000 milliliters of hard liquor; or one keg.

— The city will not issue keg permits for March 1 or March 2, which makes it illegal to possess more than one keg per residence.

— If police determine that pedestrian traffic impedes vehicular traffic, police have the authority to order any or all liquor-licensed establishments to close until further notice.

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sameeker wrote on February 20, 2013 at 5:02 pm

I would suggest another order. If the public feels that the government is corrupt, oppressive, harassing or infringing on their freedom, then they have the right to shut it down until further notice. I would like to see the students go on a month long spending strike. The powers that be have no problem with them spending tens of thousands of dollars each to come to school here; however, they get their panties in a bunch when they want to kick up their heels. How about it students? No spending for the rest of the school year. Stop the money and you suffocate the snake.