Danville Mass Transit cancels Champaign shuttle

Danville Mass Transit cancels Champaign shuttle

DANVILLE — Due to expected snow and ice, Danville Mass Transit is cancelling two evening trips on its “10 Danville-Champaign” route today (Thursday, Feb. 21), according to a news release from DMT.

The bus travels Interstate 74 between Danville and Champaign. The last trip today will leave Danville at 4:20 p.m. and Champaign at 5:22 p.m., but trips after those have been cancelled. As of now, there are no other service cancellations; however riders are encouraged to check the DMT website at www.ridedmt.org, check for updates on the agency’s Facebook page or its Twitter Feed (@ridedmt), or call 431-0653 for any other cancellations today or Friday morning.

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Orbiter wrote on February 22, 2013 at 12:02 am

Wow, last minute public transit cancelations. I hope not many Danville people got stranded in Champaign, and found themselves standing out in the sleet, waiting for a shuttle that would never arrive. Gonna be a looonnng night.

Really, the roads were not impassable and there was no declared snow emergency. Just a normal winter snowstorm. To cancel long-haul public transit like that is pretty irresponsible.  Unless they have some way of contacting their riders-in-play (which they might--I don't know how tix are sold for that journey).

Makes me very hesitant to ever consider the Danville Transit Shuttle as a viable option for travel.