ICC asks Sidney to expand on objection to Ameren project

ICC asks Sidney to expand on objection to Ameren project

SIDNEY — The Illinois Commerce Commission wants Sidney officials to further explain their objection to Ameren Transmission Co.'s Illinois Rivers Transmission Project.

In December, the village board filed a petition to intervene in ICC hearings on the company's plans to build a 345,000-volt power transmission line along Sidney's southern edge. The petition was based on village board members' assertion that the plan landlocks the village.

The village will respond by stating that Sidney cannot expand to the north because of a flood plain along the Salt Fork River, to the east because of railroad tracks and Ameren-owned acreage and a substation, or to the west because of land trusts. The south is the only direction the village can grow, trustees say.

The ICC also asked that the village explain whether it objects to the entire length of the route or to just a portion. The village will respond that it objects only to the portion from the railroad to a half-mile west of Sidney's corporate limits.

In addition, the village has to identify which members attended public meetings on the project and each person who will be called as witnesses to testify. The village board chose Village President John Finn and Trustee Mark Catron to serve as witnesses; each will have to provide the ICC with his curriculum vitae.