School board to consider extending Wiegand's contract

School board to consider extending Wiegand's contract

CHAMPAIGN — The Champaign school board Monday will consider a contract extension for Superintendent Judy Wiegand, vote on a request for several new faculty and staff members next year and hear a report about next year's projected budget.

The school board will meet in open session at 6 p.m. Monday, after an executive session at 5:30, at the Mellon Administrative Center, 703 S. New St., C.

School board President Stig Lanesskog said the board has completed Wiegand's annual review, and the board is expected to consider a one-year extension of her contract. The contract is performance-based, he said, which means any changes in how she's paid will be a direct result of her performance.

"I think it's very fair to say that we've been very pleased with the progress of her leadership over the last year," Lanesskog said.

Wiegand's current contract extends through 2016.

The school board will also vote on a request to add several new positions next year.

"Currently, we're looking at additions to staff to address enrollment increases and other support that's necessary to areas where we don't have the level of support we need for our students," Lanesskog said.

The request includes the equivalent of three and a half elementary teachers, an assistant coordinator for the district's Education to Careers and Professions program, four and a half support staff members for Champaign's middle and high schools, two operations and maintenance employees and three certified district staff members and an administrator for new programs. Board documents indicate those include an Alternative to Suspension program and a Newcomer Center.

These positions would cost the school district $550,000.

Orlando Thomas, director of achievement and student services, said he can't comment on the Alternative to Suspension program until it's formally created by the school board.

Wiegand said the school board will vote on staffing for the program now because the board asked for a comprehensive staffing request.

The school board will also hear a presentation on next year's budget.

Documents show that at this point, the school district expects to spend about $540,000 more than it brings in next year.

Also on the agenda for Champaign's meeting: an administrative appointment, reductions in force for members of the union that represents educational support employees and will vote on this year's final day for its regular- and balanced-calendar schools

If the calendar is approved, and as long as the school district doesn't use any emergency days for bad weather, the last day for regular-calendar schools will be May 30 for regular-calendar schools and June 4 for balanced-calendar schools, according to school board documents.

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sacrophyte wrote on March 24, 2013 at 7:03 am


Champaign superintendent's contract extended to 2013


Novak said he was "appalled" that the board was extending the contract when several new board members will be in place after April's election.

"With the election six weeks off, and three board seats up, this was the wrong time to extend his contract," he said. "The incoming board has lost any control. ... It kind of negates the whole point of an election to a certain extent."



Another year added to Culver's contract at Champaign schools

The three board members voting against the contract extension did so because they don't agree with having a contract extended beyond three years, not because of any dissatisfaction with the superintendent's performance, they said.


One more fact: This is an Action item for the March 25th board meeting; there will be three new board members after the April 9th elections. Why not wait until after April 9th? What's the rush? Why is there a pattern of extending the superintendent's contract prior to newly seated board members joining the team?


-- charles schultz