Construction could start soon on Monticello fiber-optic project

Construction could start soon on Monticello fiber-optic project

MONTICELLO — The construction phase of the city's fiber optic project — which would make fast data speeds available locally — could begin in the next month, now that the four cooperating entities have approved the latest amendment to their intergovernmental agreement.

The city council, school board, Piatt County Board and Allerton Public Library Board all approved the amendment in the last three weeks. It assigns the county as the primary contracting agency. County officials will then bill the other four entities, who will pay an estimated $60,000 each to get the fiber optic conduit buried.

The agreement also makes sure there will be access close to the new library land on the west side of town.

"The amendment says the plan has to bring the fiber optic line to the property line of each entity's primary location, which was our main area of concern," said Luke Feeney of the Allerton Public Library Board. "We kept seeing maps with the line ending on Bridge Street."

With that concern out of the way, the amended agreement was approved by library board members on April 3. The other three agencies had already given their go-ahead.