Catlin considers whether to stay in national lunch program

Catlin considers whether to stay in national lunch program

CATLIN — School officials are considering pulling the district out of the National School Lunch Program in order to gain more freedom in lunch offerings, and may vote on the idea next month.

Superintendent Gary Lewis said on Thursday that the Catlin School District is still participating in the program, but may stop as early as the 2013-14 school year.

Lewis said the program's rules are very restrictive, and he has heard mutliple complaints from students and parents about the new lunch offerings.

"We are throwing away too much uneaten food after lunch," Lewis said.

Although the district is not required to follow the national program, the state reimburses districts that do follow it — about half the cost of each full-price meal, and almost the whole cost of meals for students who receive free lunches because of their household income.

Lewis said lunch prices might have to increase to offset those lost state reimbursements. Currently, the full price for lunch at the grade school is $2.15, and at the junior high and at the high school is $2.25.

In other business, the Catlin school board voted to increase the sports participation fees.

Currently, students pay $15 for each sport they participate in, up to a maximum of $30, to help defray costs. Starting with the 2013-14 school year, that will increase to $30 for each sport, up to a maximum of $60.

Lewis announced that Catlin High School would be the host of the Relay For Life cancer-awareness event on Aug.17 and 18, and that the high-school track would be used for the overnight event.