Why need to pack heat in Monticello?

Why need to pack heat in Monticello?

Recently, 80 percent of Monticello voters voted in favor of concealed-carry.

Apparently, Monticello does have high crime rates. I am aware the vote was designed to notify state leaders that Monticello is in favor of concealed-carry. Do I now live in the Wild West?

Should I feel the need to carry a handgun when visiting local restaurants for dinner? If I need to get a haircut or go to County Market to pick up a gallon of milk, do I need to carry a concealed firearm?

My kids are in the eighth grade. Should my wife and I feel compelled to bring a concealed firearm to their school events?

I have a dog and home security. Our city and county law enforcement officers do a great job. I am a military veteran who carried a firearm while on duty for four years. I have never felt the need to carry a concealed firearm in Monticello.

I am sharing a few thoughts Monticello residents may want to consider regarding the need to carry a concealed firearm in our community. Some people {the National Rifle Association) want people to feel they are not safe until you carry a firearm.

My family and I have always felt safe. However, it now appears I need to re-evaluate personal safety in my community.

On Sept. 20-21, we will kick off our annual Monticello Celebration. I wonder whether or not the visitors would feel more safe because Monticello residents could carry concealed firearms as they visit downtown or ride the railway?