Piatt board member hits hiring procedure

Piatt board member hits hiring procedure

MONTICELLO — Piatt County Board members are uniformly complimentary of retiring nursing home administrator Karla Bradley, but when it comes to the search for her replacement, that is a different story.

At Wednesday's county board meeting, District 1 representative Randy Keith expressed irritation that the entire board would not have more input in the hiring process.

Nursing home committee Chairman Tom Dobson said a field of 16 applicants had been narrowed to a single person. Full county board approval is still needed and should take place at a special meeting May 13.

But Keith thought the entire board would be able to consider three finalists, claiming it was a process that had been agreed upon months before.

"This is an issue I think the whole board should be involved in — not a handful but the whole board," said Keith, adding he needs to be informed to make good decisions.

"I get questions asked of me in the grocery store and gas stations, and there are people who know more of what's going on on this board than I do. That's embarrassing to me as an elected official," he said.

But county board Chairman John Lyons said the legwork for most hires is done by smaller committees, such as the three-member nursing home committee.

"The only people we interview and hire as an entire board are the ones that work here in the courthouse," said Lyons, saying that amounted to about seven employees. "It's always been done that way."

But Keith expressed confusion over the distinction over which positions require more input from the full board.

"Where is this magical list?" he asked, referring to which employees can be hired by committees and which ones needed to be interviewed by the entire board.

Bradley has worked at the nursing home for 25 years.

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