Savoy to use topsoil from Fourth Street work for park

Savoy to use topsoil from Fourth Street work for park

SAVOY — In an effort to cut costs on improving Colbert Park, village officials have found a source of topsoil.

The topsoil is needed to construct two planned soccer fields at Colbert Park at a grade that allows for proper drainage. The fields are not expected to be built this year, but village officials want to take advantage of the "no-cost" topsoil.

Brent Maue, village engineer and public works director, confirmed with the University of Illinois that there is excess topsoil available from the Fourth Street extension project that Savoy can take. The only cost to the village is moving the topsoil.

The village board approved spending up to $45,000 for Stark Excavating to load, haul and stockpile 5,000 cubic yards of topsoil from the project site to Colbert Park. Stark Excavating is also completing the project for the University of Illinois.

The budget includes $100,000 for improvements to Colbert Park this year. At $45,000, moving the topsoil will require nearly half of that, but village officials agreed the job was too big to do with the equipment and manpower available from the village's resources.