A Champaign County roll call of those who sacrificed

A Champaign County roll call of those who sacrificed

Today is Memorial Day, a day set aside to honor American servicemen who made the ultimate sacrifice. Following is a list of servicemen and -women from Champaign County who died in war. The list, which may be incomplete, was culled from newspaper articles and records from the National Archives. May we never forget the bravery and the selflessness of these and other Americans who paid the price for our freedom.

Afghanistan War

Sgt. Christopher Rudzinski

Iraq War

Maj. David L. Audo

Staff Sgt. Jason Burkholder

Spc. Justin Penrod

Pfc. Danny Lee Kimme

Pfc. Robert A. Liggett

Sgt. Jessica Cawvey

Spec. Cory Hubbell

Cpl. Nathan Moore

Sgt. Shawna Morrison

Pvt. Lucas Starcevich

Vietnam War

2nd Lt. Steven Andre Broquist

Maj. Edward W. Crum

Spec 4 Donald M. Dale

Cpl. Rex A. Davis

Sgt. Wayne E. Dawson

Capt. Charles L. Getman

Cpl. Allen B. Goyne

Sgt. Prentiss Harris

Sgt. Charles K. Henson

SFC Robert L. Hicks

2nd Lt. Lloyd L. Hitchins

Spec. 4 William L. Holthoff

Warrant Officer Terrence

J. Mortenson

Pfc. Dennis J. Nicola

Staff Sgt. Otis L. Norris

Pfc. Richard E. Nutt

Maj. Robert P. Riggins

Staff Sgt. Harold A. Stone

Sgt. William L. McDaniels

Spec. 4 Amel D. Royalty

Chief Warrant Officer A.J. Bottom

Maj. James E. Whitt

Spec. 4 Gregory W. Aultman

Chief Warrant Officer Thomas W. Duer

Pfc. Herman L. McIntire

Sgt. Donald W. Smith

Lt. Col. Glenn D. McElroy

Lance Cpl. Jackie R. McElwee

Pfc. Steven E. Brown

Cpl. Lewis C. Childress

Maj. Walter L. Glass

Sgt. Terry N. Hardig

Sgt. Maynard J. Humes

Spec. 4 George R. Lovelette

Capt. Gerald F. McGlone

Maj. Maurice A. Shaff Jr.

Spec. 4 Gail Lee Whitlatch

Korean War

Sfc. Cyril Carmichael

Sgt. James H. Cornell

Pfc. Donald L. Evans

Sgt. Harold L. Evans

Pvt. William E. Hall

Pfc. Albert J. Hughes

Cpl. Adolph J. Kraus

Cpl. Arthur Ligon

Cpl. John McKinney

Sgt. Mural R. Painter Jr.

Pfc. Kenneth W. Reich

Pfc. Paul W. Schnepper

Sgt. Richard W. Smith

Cpl. Charles W. Wheatley

Pfc. Richard E. White

1st Lt. Walter W. Winkler

Pfc. Richard V. Parker

World War II

Pvt. John S. Anderson

Pvt. Orvel Anderson

2nd Lt. Nic O. Arie

Pvt. Ralph D. Atwood

Pfc. William M. Ballard

Cpl. Morris Baugh

Technician 5th Grade Justin B. Beal

Master Sgt. Herbert R. Bedford

Capt. Irvin Bloom

2nd Lt. Richard L. Blue

1st Lt. William C. Boedecker

Technician 4th Grade Ernest E. Boles

Pfc. Marshall F. Brown

1st Lt. Bernard B. Brumfield

Pvt. William L. Bryant

Sgt. Donald A. Buck

Pvt. Thomas E. Buck

Pvt. Thomas N. Burch

Staff Sgt. Glen C. Burdette

Sgt. Travis E. Butts

Pfc. William O. Byrd

Sgt. Francis W. Campbell

1st Lt. Donald J. Cheffer

Pfc. Carlie. Christensen

Staff Sgt. Harry E. Clabaugh

Pfc. Kenneth J. Clark

2nd Lt. Russell L. Clark

Cpl. Kenneth C. Clawson

Technician 5th Grade

Winfred F. Cler

Sgt. Clarence E. Collier

Seaman 2nd Class Carl W. Cook

Sgt. Doris F. Cooper

1st Lt. Edward J. Corman Jr.

Pfc. John P. Costa

2nd Lt. John P. Crandell

2nd Lt. Paul C. Crane

1st Lt. Harry I. Curtis Jr.

Pvt. John F. Davidson

Staff Sgt. Ralph R. Davis

2nd Lt. George B. Dearing

Staff Sgt. Everett N. Dietrich

Pvt. Roger M. Dillman

Pfc. Wayne C. Diveley

Sgt. William E. Driscoll

Technician 4th Grade Alfred M. Durnil

Pvt. Morris F. Ellis

Staff Sgt. Edward E. Eoff

Pvt. John L. Ernst

2nd Lt. Harlan L. Erwin

Technician 5th Grade Robert L. Estoppey

Pvt. Gen A. Fieldbinder

Capt. Robert A. Fisher

Pfc. Edward D. Foley

Staff Sgt. Donald W. Fonner

Pfc. Harold G. Franklin

Pvt. Galen Frazier

Pfc. James Gagliano

Sgt. Theodors R. Garst

Flight Officer Albert L. Gentille

Pfc. John Eddy Gillen

Pfc. Heye Goldenstein

Pfc. Paul F. Graham

1st Lt. Robert D. Grant

1st Lt. Stevens Graves

Tech. Sgt. Paul H. Gritten

Cpl. William C. Grosche

Pvt. Eugene W. Grotfield

1st Lt. Rodney L. Gunderson

Jack Hamilton

1st Lt. Howland J. Hamlin

Technician 4th Grade Eugene F. Hammond

Pfc. Wayne J. Hanks

Pfc. Eddie W. Harding

Pvt. Corley M. Harrison

Cpl. Howard M. Harshbarger

Pfc. Lloyd J. Hemrich

Pvt. Thomas H. Hildreth

2nd Lt. Earl A. Houser

Technician 5th Grade John S. Hout

1st Lt. George A. Huck

Pvt. Ray S. Hudson

1st Lt. James S. Hurd

Capt. Wilford S. Hurst

Capt. Aldred D. Huston

Pfc. Paul V. Jackson

1st Lt. Leonard E. Jackson

Pvt. Ozzie A. Johnson

Technician 5th Grade William C. Johnson

Sgt. Eugene H. Kannapel

Technician 5th Grade Robert T. Kinnear

Technician 5th Grade Jack

W. Kortkamp

Technician 4th Grade Arthur O. Koss

Technician 4th Grade Bernard M. LaValle

Staff Sgt. James A. Long

Pvt. Robert V. Lorenson

2nd Lt. Norman K. Lovingfoss

2nd Lt. Armen R. Manougian

1st Lt. Robert H. Marshall

Pvt. Howard M. Mathis

Aviation Cadet Harold F. Matsler

1st Lt. Robert H. Mitchell

1st Lt. Louis J. Mittendorf

Pvt. Glenn D. Moore

Tech Sgt. Robert E. Moore

Technician 5th Grade Glenn F. Moorehead

Pfc. Thomas H. Moran

Pvt. Ivan E. Morfey Jr.

Technician 5th Grade Richard W. Morgan

Cpl. Robert W. Morrow

Capt. Thomas B. Moundres

Pvt. William P. Nolan

2nd Lt. James E. OBrien

Tech Sgt. John C. ODonnell

Pvt. Wilbur R. Ohms

1st Lt. Jerome L. Olson

1st Lt. James C. Pearson

Pfc. Samuel E. Peters

2nd Lt. John F. Pethybridge

Staff Sgt. Leslie R. Pettyjohn

1st Sgt. Raymond Phillips

1st Lt. Robert M. Pilchard

Cpl. Richard L. Pittman

Pvt. Emanual G. Platis

1st Lt. George W. Porter

Tech. Sgt. Dayle C. Potter

Sgt. Joseph R. Quinlan

Technician 5th Grade Gene F. Rayburn

Staff Sgt. Ralph C. Redding

Pfc. Wilbur D. Redding

Technician 4th Grade Clyde S. Ricketts

Pfc. Cecil Roberts

Pvt. Harm A. Roelfs

1st Lt. William F. Rogers

2nd Lt. Clarence J. Rohlfing

Pvt. Roy L. Ross

Technician 5th Grade Walter E. Saathoff

Staff Sgt. Joseph M. Sahulowitz

Cpl. Harold Sawyer

Sgt. Danny D. Scales

Pvt. Wilfred C. Schroeder

Cpl. Dale W. Schwartz

Sgt. Milton Schwartz

Pvt. Mack O. Self

Staff Sgt. Claude I. Selle

Pvt. Russell A. Shover

Pvt. Melvin H. Slade

1st Lt. David L. Smith

2nd Lt. Milton H. Smith

2nd Lt. Robert L. Spencer

2nd Lt. Richard H. Stephens

Staff Sgt. Earl A. Stevens

2nd Lt. Elmer L. Stevens

Capt. Ross J. Stevenson

Staff Sgt. James K. Stewart

1st Lt. Robert A. Strauch

Capt. Floyd F. Strohl

Pvt. Leo H. Surrells

Sgt. Charles Svehla

Capt. Benjamin A. Swartz

Cpl. Robert T. Test

Capt. Wesley M. Tibbetts

1st Lt. George H. Vareah

Pvt. Veston Vaughn

Pfc. William P. Vriner

Pvt. Merle O. Waldron

Cpl. Wilbert E. Wall

Capt. Orville H. Warfel

Cpl. Joey A. Warren

Pvt. Dale U. Watson

Staff Sgt. Daniel W. Webster

Pvt. Marvin A. Weiss

Capt. John P. Whitehead

Pfc. George E. Widing

Pvt. Myron E. Williams

Master Sgt. Ivan J. Williamson

Tech Sgt. John T. Woods

Pfc. Earl J. Wright

Tech Sgt. Forrest D. Wright

Cpl. Dale A. Yeazel

Flight Officer John B. Young

1st Lt. Robert S. Young

World War I

Floyd E. Allen

Floyd Anderson

Elam A. Ankrum

Admiral Blakeslee

Walter E. Bolds

Art Bonner

William Callahan

Thomas Carter

Harry L. Clem

Ray Collins

Henry Dallenbach

Walter Demlow

Ray Driscoll

Wiliam F. Earnest

Bernard A. Gordon

Charles Gundlock

Louis Keller

Robert D. Kirkland

Ernest Langhoff

Julius Lewis

John Lindsay

Roscoe M. Lutz

Joseph L. Mattingly

L.W. Manspeaker

Charles M. Morris

Keith Morris

George D. Nelson

Rosalind Reed

Harry J. Richardson

Frank Robbins

Ray E. Scott

Clarence Seth

Clarence W. Smith

Ruby Smith

Roy F. Somers

Walter Stillabower

Ennis G. Stillwell

Ernest M. Towner

Linn Witt

Frank Woolridge

Harold L. Young

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