Urbana launches new marketing campaign

Urbana launches new marketing campaign

You now have a chance show your appreciation for the city of Urbana through social media.

A campaign called "Why I Love Urbana" is underway, and it allows you to talk about your affection for the city through Facebook and Twitter.

City Marketing Coordinator Natalie Kenny-Marquez said the campaign is also a good opportunity to market different areas of Urbana, especially ones that aren't advertised as much.

Kenny-Marquez said University of Illinois students and alumni will have a lot to contribute as well.

Kenny-Marquez said she's hopeful that once the campaign comes to an end, the city will be able to make commerative postcards and other promotional items based on the responses that are received.

 The "Why I Love Urbana" campaign will continue through the end of the year.  To participate, go here or use hashtag #Urbana LOVE on Twitter.

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Joe American wrote on June 03, 2013 at 8:06 am

Whoa.  Good thing they bailed on the CVB or they never would have come up with this gem.

So why doesn't the article say which school's 5th grade class put together this ad campaign?