Georgetown hires auditor; some financial records incomplete

Georgetown hires auditor; some financial records incomplete

GEORGETOWN — City officials have adopted a 2013-14 budget and are counting on an auditor to help them determine how much money they have in their accounts.

Georgetown City Council members this week approved a spending plan for the general fund that includes an estimated $764,983 in expenditures and $775, 013 in revenues.

Council members voted to have Daughhetee & Parks Management Consulting of Danville audit the 2012-13 fiscal year books, at a cost of $7,000, and for the company to provide monthly updates on the city's finances at a rate of $60 per hour worked on that reporting.

Mike Witherspoon audited the city's financial books and provided monthly updates for years, until his death in early 2012. DBH Accounting of Danville audited the 2011-12 financial records, and made a report to the city council in January.

But City Treasurer Kathy Galyen said the financial records are further complicated because they are incomplete. She said that when she took office a few weeks ago, the financial records in the office computer were gone. A worker from CTS Computers of Danville was able to recover most of the missing data, but the information has not been fully restored, and Galyen said she is still blocked from accessing some data.

"I do not believe that any money is missing, just information is missing," Galyen said. "It was somewhere where we couldn't retrieve it."

Mayor Kay Sanders said she has to rely on bank employees to tell her how much money is in the city accounts, and she is looking forward to having the audit performed so that she will complete financial information on the city soon.

Sanders said numerous people had access to the computer with the missing information, and that she would follow up on what happened to the financial records.

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