Water-tower paint leaves issues behind

Water-tower paint leaves issues behind

OGDEN — The painting of the interior and exterior of the Ogden water tower is completed. However, there were some issues that still needed to be addressed.

More than 15 residents claim that the project got paint on their cars. Another resident said the project got paint on his building. One resident said he has three vehicles deemed totaled by paint damage. Another vehicle has over $9,000 worth of damage and will take three weeks to repair.

The company was supposed to tent the tower to keep paint from blowing onto cars and buildings. The tent was removed before the painting was complete.

In April of 2012, TeCorp bid $238,000 for the project. The bids were $78,000 higher than expected. At the time, Don Wauthier, an engineer with Berns, Clancy and Associates, said the difference was due to an unknown insurance requirement which requires painting companies that are painting towers within 50 feet of roads or buildings to use a "tent" to enclose the tank to prevent damage to adjacent property.

Wauthier said the company painting the tower, TeCorp Inc., will be bringing in a company that specializes in getting paint off of from cars. If that does not work the cars will have to be repainted.

Wauthier said the village had asked the company to ask residents to move their cars but they did not do that. The residents say the contractor never warned them that they needed to move their cars.

Wauthier said TeCorp believes that the tarp needed to be removed due to windy weather.

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