Volunteers still needed for Douglas County disaster drill

Volunteers still needed for Douglas County disaster drill

Douglas County officials are still looking for volunteers for an emergency response exercise this month that will test the county's disaster response plan.

Emergency Management Agency Director Joe Victor said volunteers and homeowners in the Atwood and Garrett areas are necessary for all community members to understand what could happen in the aftermath of a tornado.

Victor added that people in the area can expect to see people from EMA and the Douglas County Health Department, as well as emergency response crews and law enforcement.

He said volunteers and personnel will not actually enter the homes of residents in the area, but people will be walking around the houses to simulate safety inspections.

Victor also said that any residents who don't wish to participate or who want to volunteer in the drill can contact Douglas County EMA up until July 15 at 253-9538.

The drill will take place on July 27th in Atwood.

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