Walsh sounds off on concealed carry

Walsh sounds off on concealed carry

The Champaign County Sheriff said the new concealed carry law won't change the way his department operates right now.  But he said there will have to be some training for the future.

That's the word from Sheriff Dan Walsh, who said that since no one can get a concealed carry permit right away, his deputies will still enforce the unlawful use of weapons law.  But a few months down the road when people start carrying, he said his deputies will have to take a different approach when interacting with people.

Walsh added that if you're carrying a concealed weapon and encounter a law enforcement officer, you should tell them that you're packing, regardless of what the law says.

And in terms of cutting down on crime, Walsh said a law-abiding citizen who's carrying could have an equal playing field when facing danger, like a robbery.  But he added that some of the people who are committing crimes are already carrying illegally, and that's not going to change with the new law.

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