13th District candidates raise $759,000

13th District candidates raise $759,000

WASHINGTON — The three announced candidates in the 13th Congressional District — Republicans Rodney Davis and Erika Harold and Democrat Ann Callis — raised a combined $759,173 in the second quarter fundraising period, according to reports filed with the Federal Election Commission.

The huge sum — more than former U.S. Rep. Tim Johnson, R-Urbana, customarily raised in a two-year cycle — is an indication of the national attention the congressional race is expected to draw next year. Both Republicans and Democrats have cited the contest among their top-tier races in 2014.

Davis, a freshman lawmaker from Taylorville, raised the most: $454,812. He now has $702,855 on hand.

Last year when Davis defeated David Gill in November, he raised a total of $1.4 million in an abbreviated campaign period. He had become the Republican nominee in mid-May.

Gill raised $1.3 million in the campaign.

Callis, a former Madison County judge, raised $226,076 in the period since April 1. She reported having $211,288 on hand on June 30.

Harold, who didn't officially become a candidate until May 31, raised $78,285. Her campaign fund had $62,261 — less than one-tenth of the amount Davis had — on hand June 30.

Harold reported a number of maximum $2,600 contributors with Champaign County connections: Mahomet banker Van Dukeman; Champaign engineer Michael Henneman; former WCIA-TV owner Chris Meyer of Champaign; Urbana businessman D. Scott Reichard; marketing executive Judy Reichard of Urbana; Champaign lawyer David Sholem; Donna Tanner-Harold, the mother of the candidate; Champaign attorney Jeff Wampler; and Bobbi and Jon Khachaturian, now of Belle Chasse, La.

Other major donors include her sister, Alexandra Domercant of Chicago, $2,600; her father, Bob Harold, $2,595; $1,500 from her other sister, Anastasia Randle of Chicago; $2,500 from Champaign businessman Joe Lamb; and $2,000 from former congressional aide A. Mark Neuman of Champaign.

She also received $500 from Phil Bloomer, a former aide to Johnson.

Harold said she was gratified with the amount of money she was able to raise quickly.

"I think I was a candidate for 25, 26 days and so I was really pleased by the number of individual donors," she said. "It seemed that it was kind of like President Obama's first campaign. There were a lot of people from around the country who I didn't know, who just sent $5 or $10.

"Obviously that doesn't add up the same as a contribution from a (political action committee) would, but it felt, just on a personal level, gratifying that there was somebody I didn't know from a state that I wouldn't be representing that just connected through our website."

Harold reported $71,550 in itemized contributions, $5,465 in small, unitemized contributions and no money from political action committees or political party groups.

Davis, meanwhile, reported receiving $84,265 in itemized contributions, $8,285 in unitemized donations, $500 from political party committees and the bulk of his money — $361,762 — from political action committees.

"I'm extremely pleased. We had our biggest quarter yet," said Davis. "We raised over $450,000 and have over $700,000 on hand to fight the fight that will be waged by Obama and Pelosi against me. We'll continue to go out and get the support necessary to take this targeted seat and keep it in Republican hands."

Davis, despite being challenged by an Urbana native, yielded impressive fundraising numbers in the Champaign-Urbana area.

He got $2,000 from Roderick Beyers of Urbana; $1,000 each from Monticello businessman James Ayers and Champaign jeweler John Reed; and $500 from Peter Fox of Champaign, Jeffrey Hartman of Champaign, Dwight Miller of Champaign, Karen Miller of Urbana, Jon Stewart of Champaign, Jeffrey Brown of Champaign and J.W. Corley of Monticello. He also had a large number of $250 donors.

Callis' contributions included $176,690 in itemized donations from individuals, $17,686 in unitemized contributions, and $31,700 from political action committees.

Geographically, most of her campaign contributions were from the southern part of the congressional district, in the St. Louis metropolitan area. But Callis did receive a handful of contributions from the Champaign-Urbana area: $750 from Michael Vitoux of Champaign; $500 from Champaign County Board member Astrid Berkson of Champaign and Fred Kummerow of Urbana; $250 from Mary Kruse and Robert Spitze of Urbana, from David Lampert of Monticello, and from University of Illinois Professor Eric Freyfogle of Urbana.

Her political action committee donations included $5,000 each from Sen. Dick Durbin's Prairie PAC, from Pelosi's PAC to the Future, and from House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer's AmeriPAC

"I'm grateful to receive the support of so many who agree with me that Washington is broken and have joined our campaign to reform Congress," Callis said.

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