Monticello planning commission moves changes forward

Monticello planning commission moves changes forward

MONTICELLO — The planning commission agreed on one thing this week: Passage of its first planned-use development could be the best way to allow Piatt County flexibility in how it uses its new office building, but still allow the city control over future development.

The county purchased the old Kirby Hospital building two years ago, and it houses several of its offices as well as other nonprofit agencies. But the chance to host a technology center — and in the future a physical therapist — meant more uses than the current residential zoning allowed.

The commission approved three measures. The first was to add a technology and data center to the city zoning code, as well as moving the planned-use development to the zoning document with some changes. Commissioner members also recommended the city council approve a conditional-use request for the three county-owned properties on State and Union Streets (county office building, nursing home and Maple Point) to allow for a professional use (for physical therapy) in the property, which is zoned residential.

Thirdly, a planned-use development was approved, allowing for deviations including allowance of a technology and data center.

All three recommendations will be considered by the city council next Monday.

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