Catlin board changes rules on pools, parades

Catlin board changes rules on pools, parades

CATLIN — Village board members made changes this week to ordinances that govern swimming pools, parades and assemblies.

The village will still charge $10 for a pool permit, and the commissioner of public health and safety will still inspect the pool to ensure that it meets the village's requirements, but a new portion of the ordinance now deals with temporary pools.

The $10 fee will cover a pool for its lifetime at its location at the time the permit was issued. For example, a person who used the same inflatable pool in the same spot in their yard would only have to pay the $10 fee once, but if the pool was replaced with a larger one, or moved to a different spot in the yard, a new permit would be required, and a $10 fee would be charged.

There is still no fee to receive a permit for a parade, procession, march, assembly or race in the village, but the organizers must submit an application to the village beforehand. In addition to detailing the location of the event and the route it will take, the organizers must agree to reimburse the village for any costs incurred — such as additional police patroling, closing streets with barricades, opening up the restrooms at the park or cleaning up litter after the event. The total charge will be determined by the police chief.

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