Danville, county to exchange properties

Danville, county to exchange properties

DANVILLE — The city of Danville and Vermilion County will exchange several parcels of land under an agreement between the two parties.

According to a news release, the city will give two properties that adjoin the Vermilion County Courthouse, at 7 N. Vermilion St., to the county. The county already uses the properties for parking.

The county will turn over property that adjoins the Danville Mass Transit Transfer Zone at North and Hazel streets to the city. The city will use the property during the redevelopment of the transfer zone, according to Mayor Scott Eisenhauer.

Also under the agreement, funds that are being held by the Danville Public Building Commission will be divided equally between the city and county. The funds were generated from the annual rental payments that both parties made to operate the Danville Public Safety Building, which houses the city police department, the Vermilion County sheriff's department, the county jail and the 911 dispatch center.

Finally, the city and county agreed to work together on drainage issues next to the Vermilion County Courthouse annex, the demolition of an old, unused building on Hazel Street and storage and expenses related to the Danville Election Commission.

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