Woman gets drug court probation for burglary

Woman gets drug court probation for burglary

URBANA — A Champaign County judge Friday gave a Champaign woman a chance at drug court probation for a burglary she committed last summer.

Although Brittany Clark, 24, whose last known address was in the 1200 block of Foothill Drive, pleaded guilty to only one burglary count, she was linked to two others in what Judge Heidi Ladd referred to a "summer crime spree"

Clark pleaded guilty in June to burglary, admitting that on June 12, 2012, she broke into an office building in the 500 block of Devonshire Drive in Champaign. Police linked her to that crime through fingerprints found on shards of broken glass.

Champaign police detectives Dale Rawdin and Sgt. Dave Griffet both testified they also found that Clark had participated in a June 8, 2012, burglary at a fraternity in the 300 block of East Armory Drive and a June 10, 2012, burglary at a fraternity in the 1000 block of South Fourth Street.

A wallet and credit card were stolen in the Armory burglary and a computer was taken in the South Fourth Street burglary.

Assistant State's Attorney Scott Bennett dismissed those two counts of residential burglary after Clark pleaded guilty to the burglary. He asked for a four-year prison sentence. Clark's attorney, Dave Rumley, argued for probation.

Clark, a mother of a 7-year-old, told the judge she had taken several self-help classes while in jail the last three months and took responsibility for her criminal behavior.

Ladd sentenced her to four years of drug court probation and ordered her to make restitution of $2,742 to the victims of all three burglaries. She warned Clark that if she failed at drug court, she would be facing a prison sentence longer than four years.

Co-defendant Anthony Lindsey, 28, of Champaign was sentenced in late June to four years in prison after pleading guilty to residential burglary for the June 10, 2012, burglary at the fraternity on South Fourth Street.

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