Driver brings student who got on wrong bus back to school

Driver brings student who got on wrong bus back to school

SAVOY — A student who apparently got on the wrong bus following the first day of school on Monday was returned to the school after the bus driver realized she didn't belong on the bus.

Champaign school district spokeswoman Stephanie Stuart said that a girl attending Carrie Busey School in Savoy stepped on an incorrect bus after classes ended on Monday.

"It was a matter of first-day-of-school confusion," Stuart said. "We have a system in place to make sure the students get on the right bus, but we aren't sure what happened in the case of this student."

Once the bus driver realized the girl was on the incorrect bus, Stuart said, the driver took the girl back to Carrie Busey School to be reunited with her family.

Stuart didn't have information on how old the girl was.

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Tree wrote on August 19, 2013 at 8:08 pm


Thank you Tim Mitchell for the breaking news update. 

If this is news worthy, then my first day of school story from last year would have made world-wide headlines..


2 kids. 2 different schools and both schools lost both kids...

9 year old goes to broad meadow.

8 year old goes to pleasant acres.

9 year old is supposed to ride a bus from her school to pleasant acres and meet up with her sibling where they are then picked up by a parent.

My wife calls me, crying and yelling that they lost both kids. All the busses had come and gone and our 9 year old wasn't on any of them. After they realize that she wasn't on the bus, they then realize that they don't even know where our 8 year old is!

I start to put on my shoes and my 9 year old walks right in the door. She said that she told the people at the school that it was the wrong bus and they told her that it wasn't, so she rode it. (They gave her the wrong color bracelet or something)

It dropped her off on the other side of the neighborhood and luckily she opened her mouth and told a 5th grader that she didn't know where she was and that she lived by the park.

The 5th grader was nice enough to walk her to the park so she could find her way home.

I drive up to the school just in time to see that they sent my 8 year old down to the gym with the car riders. They checked the gym twice and said they couldn't find her and she must have gotten onto a bus.

They didn't make that mistake again. 

Importantlocalopinion wrote on August 20, 2013 at 12:08 am

Are we going to get any updates on this?? Its been almost seven hours since this was first reported, but there have been zero updates on how the family is recuperating. I hope right now that Tim is sitting in his car across from their home waiting for the family to comment. Keep up the great journalism Tim!!