Text of letter delivered to Davis' office on immigration

Text of letter delivered to Davis' office on immigration

This is the text, provided by the Illinois AFL-CIO, of a letter delivered Tuesday at the Champaign office of U.S. Rep. Rodney Davis :

August 20, 2013

The Honorable Rodney Davis

United States House of Representatives/District Office

2004 Fox Drive

Champaign, IL 61820


Dear Representative Davis:

America deserves a vote on immigration reform. The U.S. House of Representatives has an historic opportunity to fix the nation’s badly-broken immigration system - a system that has been separating families, harming workers, and holding back our economy for far too long.  However, if immigration reform does not include an achievable roadmap to citizenship for  525,000 aspiring Americans who have been living, working, raising families, and contributing to our communities here in Illinois, it will fail to solve these enormous problems.  As organizations representing a broad cross-section of residents in the Thirteenth Congressional District, we are asking for your support for comprehensive immigration reform legislation with a roadmap to citizenship.

Without an attainable roadmap to citizenship, families will continue to be separated by deportation.  Deportations are especially devastating to children and destabilize a family financially, which has a ripple effect throughout our local economy.  Families are the building blocks of our society and culture, and our immigration policies should not split them apart.

The ability to threaten some working people with deportation and treat them as second-class lowers wages and standards for all workers.  A roadmap to citizenship is key to protecting workers.  The fear of deportation must be removed and a process must be put in place for immigrant workers to defend their rights, or workers will suffer in an endless race to the bottom. 

While undocumented immigrants are already consumers and taxpayers, an attainable pathway to citizenship enhances the economic power of immigrant workers.  This ripples through the local economy, benefitting immigrant and U.S. born workers alike.  This results in stronger small businesses, increased job growth, and a gain in tax revenue.

Comprehensive immigration reform with a path to citizenship is also a moral imperative.  Workers are being stripped of their dignity and children are left vulnerable when they are separated from their families.  Our faith traditions teach us to protect the poorest and weakest in our midst, to love our neighborhood, and welcome the strangers.

We urge your support for comprehensive immigration reform that includes an attainable pathway to citizenship.


Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights

Champaign Urbana Immigration Forum

Channing Murray Foundation

Social Action Committee of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Urbana Champaign

Immigration Forum: Allies of Faith

Illinois AFL-CIO

Faith Coalition for the Common Good

Decatur Trades and Labor Assembly

Springfield and Central Illinois Trades and Labor

Illinois Peoples Action

Champaign County Health Care Consumers

SEIU State Council/Local 73

Champaign County ACLU

Graduate Employees' Organization IFT/AFT Local 6300 AFL-CIO

Planners' Network

Champaign-Urbana Citizens for Peace and Justice

Urbana Champaign Independent Media Center

Central Illinois Jobs with Justice

University YMCA

Korean American Resource and Cultural Center

National Korean American Service & Education Consortium (NAKASEC)

Champaign County Labor Council

Urbana-Champaign Friends Meeting

Bloomington-Normal Trades and Labor Assembly

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