Rally for immigration reform set for Saturday

Rally for immigration reform set for Saturday

CHAMPAIGN — Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., will be among the speakers Saturday afternoon at a rally in Champaign for immigration reform.

The 2 p.m. rally at West Side Park is sponsored by Organizing for Action, the group established to support President Obama's national agenda.

The OFA chapter for central Illinois, headquartered in Springfield, is sponsoring Saturday's rally with Durbin. The Champaign-Urbana Immigration Forum also is a sponsor.

The groups want U.S. Rep. Rodney Davis, R-Taylorville, to pledge to support comprehensive immigration reform. They are not demanding, however, that he support the bill that cleared the Senate.

Davis' spokesman was noncommittal last week, saying that the congressman "remains firm in his belief that we must start by fixing the problems that led to our broken immigration system in the first place before we can address those who are here as undocumented immigrants, which is precisely what the House is planning to do."

Before last year's 13th Congressional District election, Davis said that the U.S. "must first continue to do to more to secure our borders to stem the flow of illegal immigrants," and that any "path to citizenship for those here illegally must not be a path which places them before others who are going through the process legally."

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hacimo wrote on August 27, 2013 at 8:08 am


 Problems With the Senate (Gang of 8) Immigration Bill #10: Greatly increases legal immigration: Over the past decade the average total rate of immigration via green cards has been steady at a little over 1.1 million a year. As a result the Washington post reports that the percent of immigrants in the american population (13.8%) is now the highest ever recorded. It even exceeds the peak level reached during the great European migration of the 1800's. A recent Gallup poll of all voters indicates that only 23% would favor increasing immigration above present levels. Thus more then 3 out of 4 voters favor either reducing immigration or else keeping it constant. Despite this overwhelming public sentiment, the sponsors of the senate bill make no effort to cap immigration. Instead, The CBO reports that all the new visas and policy choices in the bill will actually cause a doubling of legal immigration. How can this be a good thing for american workers when 12 million are unemployed and more then 8 million more are stuck in unsatisfactory part time jobs? How can it be good when, in real terms after inflation, the median wage of an american worker is lower today than it was back in 1968! Wages have stagnated for 45 years and yet the authors of the Senate immigration bill act like we have a labor shortage. Why else would we need to double legal immigration? This is total insanity! 

hacimo wrote on August 27, 2013 at 8:08 am


  Problems With the Senate (Gang of 8) Immigration Bill  #8: The Bill rewards criminality: The median income in the united states exceeds the median income in Mexico by about $30,000/yr. This is the motivating gain that drives people to commit acts of illegal migration. Logically, to act as a meaningful deterrent, the penalty imposed on illegal migrants must negate the motivating gain. Contrary to this common sense principal, the senate bill offers migrants a full pardon and legal status upon payment of only $500. Even this small fine can be waved by the secretary of DHS. Clearly therefore, the senate bill is no more than a full amnesty and the proposed restitution is nothing but a symbolic fig leaf that fools nobody. To escape classification as an Amnesty, the fine under the senate bill should be increased to approximately $50,000 and furthermore payment in full should be mandatory. In hardship cases the Secretary of DHS could offer migrants a loan for the amount of their fine. Payments on this obligation could be collected by mandatory payroll deduction, much as with the treatment of delinquent student loans. 

hacimo wrote on August 27, 2013 at 8:08 am


  Problems With the Senate (Gang of 8) Immigration Bill #6: Unfair to Legal Immigrants: The Senate bill creates an entirely new legal mechanism to help illegal immigrants obtain residency and citizenship. On initial application, the illegals will get a pardon for their past crimes, a work permit and legal residency. In exchange they must pay a $500 fine, pay any outstanding tax leans, and satisfy a criminal background check. Next, after ten years, if they decide they want a regular green card and citizenship, they can chose to apply under a special quota available only to them. Meanwhile, more than 4 million foreign nationals who have previously applied for green cards in the usual lawful manner, are denied entry, denied the ability to work in the american market, denied family reunion, and forced to patiently wait in their home countries until their number is called. Millions more are in our country with temporary visas but would like to stay permanently. Some of these hopeful immigrants have been waiting for more than 10 years. How is it morally possible to give the illegal immigrants, who jumped the waiting line and broke the law, a special deal that we don't offer to these millions who played by the rules? Every one of the people on the waiting line would gladly pay $500 to gain a visa for immediate admission, long term legal status, and a work permit. This whole idea of a special deal for lawbreakers is immoral and un-american. 

choco640 wrote on August 27, 2013 at 12:08 pm

If you are illegal you should get deported.  That is all there is too it.  Our country has laws for a reason and the rights of our citizens and those who are trying to immigrate legally should always come before illegals.  I do not understand how our country can pass bills/laws like this when we have our own citizens who are starving, living below poverty levels and living on the streets.