Extra precautions no longer needed at Villa Grove schools

Extra precautions no longer needed at Villa Grove schools

VILLA GROVE — Students at Villa Grove schools were kept inside the building for about 90 minutes early this afternoon while police checked out an allegation made by a Villa Grove woman that her estranged husband might be armed and en route to get their child.

Villa Grove Police Chief Dennis Gire said at no time was there any direct threat to students at the grade and high schools, which are under the same roof, on Illinois 130.

“She was claiming that he made the statement that he had a gun and was going to go get his child,” Gire summarized, adding that the child of the couple is an infant.

Because there was a suggestion by the wife that the husband may have been going through Villa Grove toward Urbana, Gire said out of an abundance of caution, the school staff was notified about 12:15 p.m.

Superintendent Mary Ann Manos declined to call the situation a lockdown.

"The children are not on the exterior of the building but there is school as usual on the inside," she said, adding that a police car would remain at school until classes let out this afternoon. 

Gire said he notified the school about 1:45 p.m. that there was no need to continue the extra precautions.

Gire said the grandparents had the child at a store in Urbana and all were safe. He located the father, who was in Champaign at the time of the allegation, and planned to interview him further.


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