UI student charged over alleged threats

UI student charged over alleged threats

URBANA — A University of Illinois student arrested over the weekend for allegedly threatening fellow students has been charged with disorderly conduct.

Dany Sammak, 19, who listed his address as the Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity at 211 E. Armory Ave., C, is due back in court with his own attorney in two weeks after being charged Tuesday with the Class 4 felony.

According to a Champaign police report, Sammak's family lives in Saudi Arabia and he spent the summer there. When he returned to school, friends noticed he was acting strangely and tried to get him to go to the hospital but he refused.

He allegedly made comments to friends about the Virginia Tech shooting, describing it as an "escape from reality" and "hilarious" and saying that committing a similar act would be fun.

Sammak reportedly told a roommate that while in Saudi Arabia, a small miracle had occurred in the form of a $100 bill appearing in his wallet.

"He pointed to the sky and stated something like, 'I promised him I'd do it. In five days,'" the report said.

On another occasion he told friends that no amount of police could stop what was going to happen.

The friends also told police that Sammak often allegedly pointed a finger at them, as if it were a gun, and pretended to shoot them. He also showed signs that he had not slept in days, the report said.

When a fraternity brother called him "retarded" over something he was doing, he reportedly responded, "If a retarded person would shoot up this house, then yes, I'm retarded.'"

When officers went to the fraternity Saturday to talk with him, he became belligerent and denied having any problems. As officers were leaving, Sammak allegedly confronted fraternity brothers about calling the police. An officer saw him allegedly point a finger at the back of one fraternity brother's head and pretend to be pulling a trigger.

Officers went to arrest him after that but he ran and was quickly restrained, reports said.

Sammak has been in the county jail since early Sunday morning. He's being held in lieu of $250,000 bond.

Judge Richard Klaus told Sammak to be back in court Sept. 17 with his own attorney.

If convicted of disorderly conduct, Sammak faces penalties ranging from probation to one to three years in prison.

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