Prairieview-Ogden board approves budget with lower deficit

Prairieview-Ogden board approves budget with lower deficit

ROYAL — The school board this week approved a deficit budget, but one that is not as far in the red as the previous one in the three major funds.

The 2013-14 budget includes a deficit of $75,495 in those funds — about one-third the level of the 2012-13 budget, which showed a deficit of $217,263

The board last year made budget cuts to reduce the deficit, including paring three positions — a K-4 music teacher, a middle school teacher and a computer teacher.

Most school districts have deficits in the education fund, Superintendent Vic White said, because of a drop in general state aid as well as declines in average daily attendance and because the state has pro-rated the districts' allocation to 89 percent.

The new budget shows anticipated revenue in the education fund of $1.72 million and anticipated expenditures of $1.87 million. Revenue-expenditure projections in the operations and maintenance fund are $289,251 and $237,700, while the transportation fund revenue-expenditure totals are $200,620 and $177,700.



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